At ZilConcrete, we use a revolutionary method to offer our clients the top-notch walkway repair services in NYC. Our team inserts structural poly resin foam below the concrete to lift it. 

The strong walkway should be safe. It should be wide enough, free from an impediment to destine expected traffic such as wheelchairs or groups of people.

Get peace of mind by hiring us

Well, a walkway must be long-lasting and robust. The Trashy contractor may lead to safety pitfall on a walkway thereby it is very imperative to hire the professional contractor who can use the right materials. You don’t need to worry about it as Zil Concrete is a reputed Walkway Repair company Brooklyn, NY.

We Guide before Improvements or reconstructions 

We can also advise you in your decision making for walkway repairing. Although there are several options, there are specific needs that every property owner should know as well as follow. In this case, our expert technician will guide you on everything you must know before any improvements or reconstructions take place. 

Knowledgeable and skillful 

Our Brooklyn Walkway Repair contractors are knowledgeable and skillful in all technical details related to walkways.  We can carry out all sub-grade repairs and use top quality materials so that the walkways perform long term. The right installation of the concrete walkway is mandatory if you want to keep maximum temperatures from destroying the project over time. Our contractors know how to clog future issues by going beyond for your eventual satisfaction.

Factors affect the Walkway Repair Cost

Aside from needing to replace and carry down a harshly damaged walkway, there are lots of major factors which may affect the total cost. For instance, with the use of epoxy, you can fill a small crack and it may take less than 30 min. On the other side, a drowned walkway needs bricks to be isolated and the sand can be used to fill the drowned area. Ultimately, the project’s total size will conduct how long it takes to accomplished and what the walkway repairing cost is for the individual.

We provide Brooklyn NY walkway replacement and repair services for various types of materials. Bricks, stone, and Concrete need repair occasionally to enhance the safety of people who are walking on it and the look of the property.

What are the Causes of Walkway Damage?

There are several causes of walkway damage such as sea water effects, leaching, Freeze thaw cycles, winter salts, wear and tear, harsh chemicals, bacterial corrosion, initial cracks and many more.

Why choose our Walkway Repair service Queen?

Multiple Solutions 

Zil Concrete is a multiple Solutions shop as we provide all contracting, designing, and engineering for your requirements.

Residential and commercial 

Our walkway repair service company offer repair service for both commercial and residential. Our technician works for the structural engineers, homeowners and real estate industry as per the client’s requirement.


Our professional team of inspectors, engineers, and contractors is trusted for the mixture experience of many years.


  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Custom Design
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Expert Installation

At Zil Concrete, we specialize in commercial walkway restoration, resurfacing as well as repair. We strive to assist you with all services to improve the look of your walkway and the perception of the customer. 

So, it is a good time to contact us for skilled and reliable concrete walkway contractor NYC for repairs to make sure these areas are safe for your clients or family to walk on.

If your walkway is sunken or heaved, then don’t wait! Just call us today and our technician team will assist you in every aspect.